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flea circus - that it has an amazing jump of 150 g forces...

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Ann Forrest Flea Circus The video I found is called ‘Walts Real Flea Circus: National Geographic’. The video’s main point is to emphasize the strength of the flea, an animal so small, yet extremely strong for its weight. To demonstrate this strength a flea circus is performed, in which the flea flips a quarter, jumps into a pool of water, and pulls a miniature chariot. The real secret to the flea circus is having the flea in a collar, but the control of the collar in no way accounts for the brute strength of the flea. The video then goes on to explain that a flea can move 100x its own body weight, and
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Unformatted text preview: that it has an amazing jump of 150 g forces propelled by the protein resilin. Already in this course we have learned about the unique characteristics of certain insects, and that characteristic in fleas is definitely it’s strength. Also, fleas are very common pests to our household pets, and have posed an even larger problem to human society through the transmitting of diseases, such as the bubonic plague. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQLPhS1N9pc&feature=relmfu...
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