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visceral leishmaniasis

visceral leishmaniasis - Ann Forrest Fighting Visceral...

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Ann Forrest Fighting Visceral Leishmaniasis There are many diseases that are extremely present in almost all third world countries that are being addressed with intensive medical treatments (ex. HIV/AIDS and Malaria). Yet, there are also many ‘neglected diseases’ that are still very prominent in these third world countries, but don’t gain as much attention from the rest of the world, one of these diseases is visceral leishmaniasis. Despite it being a neglected disease, there have been efforts to treat visceral leishmaniasis. A lot of the efforts though have been put on hold by the developed countries due to their own ever present diseases and the global recession. This halt of financial and medical support for the developing countries is a very risky ordeal, for these countries provide developed with many resources basically in return for their support. Although, there is a global recession and governments have domestic problems to solve, there should never be a decrease in medical support for visceral leishmaniasis, and developing countries should not have had to suffer for so long already. Our own developed countries need to take action and raise awareness for this disease along with researching for new vaccines and finding efficient ways for the developing countries to receive effective treatment.
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