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Forces and Strategies that Shaped the Wireless Revolution Course No : 14:332:301 Class Hours : Tue-Fri 12-1:20 PM (Room: SEC 205) Instructors : Narayan B. Mandayam and Richard Frenkiel email 1 : narayan,[email protected], Office: WINLAB Technology Center C-108 Course Description : This undergraduate course provides a broad view of how business strategies are created based on examples from cellular and other wireless systems. The course includes a historical overview of communications and communication systems, basics of wireless technology, technology and politics of cellular, basics of corporate finance, economics of cellular systems and spectrum auctions, case studies in wireless business strategy, the strategic implications of unregulated spectrum, a comparison of 3G and WiFi, sensor networks and the wireless future. Topical Outline : 1. Systems Thinking and the nature of multi-disciplinary strategy 2. Communications, Common Carriers and Monopoly: a historical perspective
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Wires and Waves: the age of instant communication 4. Mobile telephony on the eve of Cellular 5. Technology, Economics and Politics: the long road to cellular 6. Frequency and the cost of coverage 7. Channels and the cost of spectrum 8. Digital communications and the cost of bits 9. Conflicting standards; new regulatory strategies 10. Unlicensed spectrum; cordless telephones and WiFi 11. 3G and Infostations 12. Assets, profits and stock price: how companies keep score 13. Case studies in strategy: One-2-One, Nextel, CDMA v TDMA, AT&T, Iridium, 3G Course Requirements : Homework (20%), Midterm Exam (40%) & Final Project (40%) Reference Material : 1. Notes/Handouts will be given each lecture 2. Assorted reading material will be posted on the course website: ˜ narayan/Course/Wireless Revolution/ 301 .html 1 Please use the subject heading “Wireless Course” in all emails 1...
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