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cancel - Reason for Cancellation of Housing You must move...

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Intent to Cancel Housing If you do not plan to attend classes for the Spring semester, you must officially notify your campus housing office as soon as possible. Please complete the information below and return it to your campus Housing office: ____________________________________________________________________ First Name Last Name ____________________________________ RUID # ___________________________________________________________________ Building Room# __________________________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Reason for Cancellation of Housing You must move out when you leave for winter break on December 23rd if you live in a residence hall or by January 5th if you live in an apartment or in 9-month housing. Please be sure to remove your items and leave your room/apartment in a broom swept condition. Keys must be returned to the housing office by the move-out dates above. Failure to return you keys may result in additional housing charges. If you have a meal plan, please notify Dining Services....
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