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New Busch Building Frequently Asked Questions Requirements: What are the requirements for living in this new building? o General Residents Must be in one of the following Schools: Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy Must have a clean disciplinary record Must currently live on campus o Leaders Everything listed above GPA 2.75 or higher What if I or the person who I want to be my roommate does not currently live on campus (whether a commuter student or will be a transfer student next year)? o At this time, we are only offering this opportunity to students who currently live on campus. If you currently live off campus and are interested in this housing option or any other housing option, please sign up for the housing waiting list in April. Leadership Positions: I am interested in one of the leadership positions. In case this should not work out, I still wish to live in the new suites. Should I also submit the general resident application? If so, can I use the same essay? o Yes, if you are interested in the leadership position but still wish to live in the building as a general resident if not chosen for a leadership position, you must fill out and submit both applications. Since the first part of the leader application essay is the same as the general student application essay, you may use the same essay for that part for both applications. Can I apply to be an RA and one of the Leadership Positions? o You cannot be a building leader AND an RA because we expect a good amount of work from both positions. You can apply for both; however, you’ll have to make a decision at some point. Leaders will be chosen in February and the RA selection process won't be over until March. What are the responsibilities of the leaders? o The Study Group Leaders will be a group of students who are trained to plan and facilitate study groups. These students will get paid as well as live in the leadership suites. If you’re interested in this position or want more information on it, please contact the Learning Center as they will be hiring and training this group of students. o
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New_Busch_Building_Frequently_Asked_Questions - New Busch...

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