Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - o Equipotentiality(all parts of cortex are...

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Chapter 13 Classical conditioning- hen pairing two stimuli changes the response of one of them Conditioned stimulus (CS)- elicits no response at first (bell) Unconditioned stimulus (UCS) + unconditioned response (UCR) (meat saliva) Conditioned response (CR)- learned response to CS (bell saliva) Operant conditioning- an individual’s response leads to reward or punishment Reinforcer - event that increases the future probability of the response o Ex: if kid hits a boy and gets a candy, he will do it again Punishment - an event that suppresses frequency of the response o Ex: if kid hits a boy and gets send to time-out, he won’t do it again Animals have other specialized methods other than these two, and learning varies from situations Search for Engram (physical representation of what has been learned) Karl Lashley searched through rat experiments and made two conclusions
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Unformatted text preview: o Equipotentiality (all parts of cortex are equal) o Mass action (cortex works as a whole) • Richard Thompson sought engram of memory in the cerebellum, not in the cerebral cortex o They studied classical conditioning of eyelid responses in rabbits o Presented a tone (CS) and then a puff of air (UCS) to the rabbits eye o If areas were blocked, learning would still occur but the info wouldn’t go to the muscles o Lateral interpositus nucleus (LIP)- a nucleus in the cerebellum essential for learning If this area was damaged, there was no response during training After it recuperated, rabbit learned at the same speed as if no previous training o Suppressing the red nucleus temporarily prevented the response but not learning o Later, the LIP was found to be necessary for learning and retention, and the extinction of the learned response...
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