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HRM Lecture (2) - Chapter 3 The Context of Human Resource...

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The Context of Human Resource Management CHAPTER OVERVIEW Chapter 3 examines the relationship between the external contexts-economic, technological, political, and social-and human resource management (HRM). The chapter introduces many theoretical concepts that might be unfamiliar to you, so you should read the descriptions in the glossary. Chapter objectives: After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1 Explain the importance of studying context for understanding human resource management (HRM) 2 Discuss ways of conceptualizing the nature of context 3 Identify the external contexts that affect HRM policies and actions 4 Understand the implications of these external contexts for the HRM function CHAPTER OUTLINE Introduction Some of the alleged problems to which the new HRM model is the supposed solution are addressed in this chapter. It begins by discussing the ‘open system’ model. (see Figure 3.1) The chapter proceeds to discuss the dynamics of the global economy and emphasizes that to understand the HRM function requires an appreciation of the external contexts. A framework for examining the external context of HRM is given in (see Figure 3.2) The economic context Compared to a decade ago, organizations face intense competition from both domestic and international competitors. The nature of competition is also said to have changed as mass markets have fragmented into specialized ‘niche’ markets. HRM in practice 3.1
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HRM Lecture (2) - Chapter 3 The Context of Human Resource...

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