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HRM Lecture (12) - Chapter 13 Evaluating Human Resource...

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Evaluating Human Resource Management CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter introduces you to the different ways available to demonstrate the value- added of human resource management HRM. Major research designs for conducting HR strategy-performance links are included in the chapter: surveys, case studies, experimental and meta-analysis. As for HR-measurement, we examine statistical evaluation, financial evaluation and the use of HR audits and benchmarking. We also discuss the limitations of the research. Our intent is to help the reader make sense of research, but also to help you to be better consumers of published research in strategic HRM. Chapter objectives: After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Explain the importance of measuring the human resource management contribution in organizations 2. Describe some variables used to measure the value-added of HRM 3. Understand some techniques for evaluating the HRM function 4. Critically evaluate research on the HRM-performance link CHAPTER OUTLINE Introduction The shift from orthodox personnel management to HRM has resulted in some organizations changing the focus of the HR specialist from an ‘employee advocate’ to a ‘member of the senior management team’. Within this context, we suggest that HR professionals are required to demonstrate the financial contribution, the ‘bottom-line contribution’, the return on investment (ROI) that the HR function makes to the firm’s performance. Rationale for HRM evaluation The chapter identifies seven trends in management philosophy and practice that have changed the role of the HR specialist and the demand for HR measurement (see Figure 13.1). [Type text]
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HRM Lecture (12) - Chapter 13 Evaluating Human Resource...

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