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Bottle Caps - tombstones I made a graveyard One time my brother caught me taking a few caps to use He immediately grabbed my neck and demanded to

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Zak Kondratenko ENG 201-701 Prof. Turcotte Sept 27, 2011 Bottle Caps I felt like a giant. Like a monster in the movies. To them I was like a god wrecking havoc on the world. The bugs feared me. I didn’t try to kill the bugs but naturally I would step on one once in a while. I wouldn’t just leave the dead ones in the ground. I found this spot. A perfect spot behind the oil shed that was shielded from the sun at all times. Here I would dig holes and bury the insects. I wouldn’t just forget about them though. My brother had spent what seemed like forever collecting bottle caps. The last few days I had been sneaking into his coffee cans and taking the use as
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Unformatted text preview: tombstones. I made a graveyard. One time my brother caught me taking a few caps to use. He immediately grabbed my neck and demanded to know what I was doing. I couldn’t really think of a good lie so my only real choice to tell him the truth. I lead him back behind the oil shed and showed him what I had spent the last two days making, a burial ground for bugs. He took a little while to react but I could see a slight grin coming across his face. “You’re weird,” he said. “Find your own bottle caps next time.”...
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