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Response to Bottle Caps

Response to Bottle Caps - As we said in class the timing...

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Zak Kondratenko ENG 201-701 Creative Writing Prof. Turcotte September 20, 2010 Response to Bottle Caps To me Bottle Caps was nothing more than a cute little vignette, albeit a very good  one. I’m not usually a fan of this style of writing but this piece reminds me of something I  would have experienced with my little brother growing up. It was also very detailed for such a short piece of writing. I suppose it’s easy to  add in a lot of detail though when you don’t have much of a plot.  But I feel that detail  was the key to making it sound childish, in a good way.
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Unformatted text preview: As we said in class the timing and wording of the dialogue is perfect. It’s really incredible to think how little changes in how words are being said as opposed to what words are being said can have such an impact. This is very prevalent in screenplays and dialogue-heavy fiction. All in all Bottle Caps was a nice piece of light reading. It’s by no means a piece that is going to change the way I view writing. But I enjoy feel-good pieces that don’t require much thought or analysis and Bottle Caps definitely falls into that category....
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