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That Sunday Under The Table

That Sunday Under The Table - gun He had a longer reach...

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Zak Kondratenko ENG 201-701 Prof. Turcotte Spetember 27, 2011 That Sunday Under The Table (cont.) I could only see his feet but I knew my father was completely still. Then I saw the axe hit the ground. I crawled out from underneath the bed and pulled Junie out as well. We both hurried behind Curtis. He was holding us back with one arm, holding a gun with the other. “Abe, back up a bit,” said Curtis, now completely controlling the situation. Abe listened, he took a few steps back. Everything was less tense now and Curtis slowly placed the gun on the broken table. “Go home, Abe,” I said. Abe was still, his face just staring at the floor. Curtis took another step forward. But then Abe cocked his arm back and before Curtis could react he was hit in the face. Abe jumped on top of him, threw another punch and then jumped up to the table to grab the gun. Curtis was able to pull his leg forcing Abe to fumble the gun. It slid across the floor just four feet in front of me. I locked eyes with my father. But only for a second as both of us dove for the
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Unformatted text preview: gun. He had a longer reach than me and the gun was in his hand within a second. As he started screaming the rest us gathered together in a corner completely helpless against the power of the weapon. Abe just stared at us pointing the gun. He was trembling, we all were. His words were just a quite stutter. “Is this what you want?” We weren’t sure who he was asking, perhaps all of us. None of us answered though. Abe was no shaking violently. The gun was barely being held in his hand. Then he pointed the gun below his chin. Before anyone could stop him he pulled the trigger and that was it. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Later as I sat in the police station being asked questions by officers I was still trying to understand what happened. I was in a room with just a female officer as everyone else was questioned. She looked at me, smiled, and reached into her desk. Then she place a root beer candy right in front of me....
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