Exam 2 Sp'09 (1)

Exam 2 Sp'09 (1) - CHEM 312 Spring 2009 Exam 2 the random...

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CHEM 312 Spring 2009 Exam 2: the random exam Name Rules: 2 3x5 cards are okay, but no other help, including that from your neighbor’s paper or via cell phone, is allowed. Please use a pencil so you can erase changes. It makes it much easier to grade! If you have a highlighter and would like to highlight the isoprene units, that will also make it easier to grade. You’ve learned a lot these past few weeks, so show me what you know! Page Points 1 /31 2 /29 3 /17 4 /15 5 /18 6 /21 7 /19 Total /150
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1. (5) In a reaction, when “h ν ” is written over the arrow, what does that mean? 2. (10) Which of the following would you expect to be colored? O O N O N N N 3. (3) a. In the fumigation of strawberry fields, bromomethane (CH 3 Br) is currently used. How does that molecule work to sterilize the soil? (3) b. It has been proposed that iodomethane (CH 3 I) should replace bromomethane as the fumigant. What are the pros and cons for that replacement? 4. (5) PVC is somewhat unstable over a long span of time and gradually decomposes to a yellow solid. Given the structure of PVC, what do you think is happening, and why do the PVC pipes turn yellow? A picture as part of your answer would be appropriate.
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Exam 2 Sp'09 (1) - CHEM 312 Spring 2009 Exam 2 the random...

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