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Unformatted text preview: Node Voltage Technique Of Circuit Analysis DePiero EE 201 Learning ObjecBves •  Analyze circuits containing both independent and dependent sources using node voltage analysis. •  Notes: –  Systema,c approach, should work with any circuit. –  Nodal analysis yields a set of simultaneous equa,ons from which unknown current and voltages may be found. –  Dependent sources will not be addresses ini,ally ‘Node Voltages’ Are Expressed With Respect to a Reference Node •  As a node voltage, “V2”is with respect to the ground (reference) node. •  Any node may be used as the reference node. (If ground is indicated, simply use it.) •  Analogy: Gauge pressure measurements with respect to ambient. Another Key Concept For Nodal Analysis •  Given node voltages V2 and V3 •  For KCL we wish to sum a current (I) into Node 3… •  Which is the high voltage side of the resistor, necessary to push current in the given direcBon? V2 •  Hence: € V2 − V3 I= R Procedure: Node Voltage Analysis •  1) Define reference node (‘Ground’) •  2) IdenBfy (unknown) node voltages V1, V2, V3… Define a current, Ia, through each voltage source – pick direcBon (remains constant through analysis). •  3) Apply KCL at each node except ground. Express each KCL current in terms of one or more node voltages. Choose the direcBon of the current in each branch arbitrarily – then use the passive sign convenBon when finding currents. •  4) Solve KCL equaBons simultaneously, to find node voltages. •  5) If voltage sources are present add an equaBon relaBng node voltages to the voltage of the source. •  6) If dependent sources are present, add another equaBon based on the definiBon of the dependent source. ...
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