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Passv_Sign v5 - Founda'ons of Circuit Analysis:...

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Unformatted text preview: Founda'ons of Circuit Analysis: Passive Sign Conven'on DePiero EE 201 Learning Objec'ves •  Apply the passive sign conven,on and compute power dissipated by circuit elements. Passive Sign Conven'on Ensures Conserva'on of Energy •  Energy is Conserved When: –  Total energy generated in a circuit equals the total energy dissipated. –  Ignoring issue of energy storage for now… •  Sign conven'on also helpful when assigning voltage polari'es in analysis problems. Sign Conven'on Determines Power Absorp'on/Delivery •  In these cases, V>0 and I>0. •  Passive devices (resistors) can only absorb power. I enters (+) •  Ac've sources typically deliver power. I leaves (+) •  Ac've sources can also absorb power. I enters (+) Power Absorbed Power Delivered Power Absorbed Using Passive Sign Conven'on •  1) Works for an arbitrary direc'on for I flow •  2) Label ac've elements (if unspecified). –  Assume power is delivered. I flows out (+) terminal. –  If power is actually absorbed, then a V or I quan'ty will evaluate to a nega've value. •  3) Label passive elements. –  Power always absorbed. I flows in (+) terminal. •  4) Compute power dissipated as needed. –  If posi've I flows into (+) terminal  ­> Power absorbed. V>0 and I>0 in the above definitions! ...
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