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Unformatted text preview: Modeling Technique: Thevenin and Norton Equivalents DePiero EE 201 Learning [email protected] •  Find Thevenin and Norton equivalents for circuits containing resistors and independent & dependent sources. •  Notes: –  Thevenin (Norton) equivalents provide a simple model of complex circuits, as seen from a port –  Seen from the port, the Thevenin (Norton) equivalent is [email protected] from original circuit Thevenin and Norton Simplify, Equivalent From Port [email protected] Port Connections •  Model replaces more complex circuitry •  Thevenin and Norton are ‘dual’ forms Port Connections VOC and ISC Helpful When Modeling •  VOC: Open Circuit Voltage •  ISC: Short Circuit Current •  VOC and ISC related to model parameters. VTH = VOC VTH RTH = ISC € IN = ISC € IN RN = VOC € € Also note: RN = RTH Various Approaches to Modeling •  Method A: –  Find VOC and ISC •  Method B: –  Find VOC and REQ –  For REQ: [email protected] independent sources •  Replace V source with short •  Replace I source with open •  Method C: –  Find ISC and REQ ...
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