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TH E NUMBER OF HUNGRY PEOPLE IS ESTIMATED AT 1.02 BILLION - UP 11 PERCENT FROM LAST YEAR'S 915 MILLI ON 1 in 6 p eop le worldwide are hun g ry, U . N. says The financial meltdown has compounded there are 100 million more tween hunger and instabili- said. "Without food, people HUNGER ON TH ERISE people who are hungry, ty, noting that soaring prices have only three options: the crisis, which threatens people's health Number who are undernourished: meaning they consume few- for staples, such as rice, trig- They riot, they emigrate or and also political stability, officials report er than 1,800 calories a day, gered riots in the develop- they die. None of these are 1.05 billion the agency said. ing world last year. acceptable options." Associated Press now affects one in six peo- "No part of the world is Josette Sheeran of the Almost all the world's un- 1.00 ROME - The global fi- pIe, by the United Nations' immune," FAO's Director- World Food Program, anoth- dernourlshed live in devel- 0.95 nancial meltdown has pushed estimate. General Jacques Diouf said.
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