Analysis-Synthesis on Theories of Poverty.Winter 2011

Analysis-Synthesis on Theories of Poverty.Winter 2011 -...

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ECON 303 – Winter 2011 Dr. C. Battista Summary, Analysis and Synthesis Topic and Format : For this writing assignment, I am asking you to write an analysis/synthesis essay that meets the following criteria: 1) it summarizes and analyzes the views of two theories of poverty, and 2) it demonstrates how you have wrestled with these different theories and have synthesized these ideas to either arrive at your own view on why people are poor or align your thinking with the views presented in a particular theory. Theories of Poverty: (1) Flawed Character/Individual Deficiencies, (2) Restricted Opportunity, (3) Big Brother, (4) Culture of Poverty, and (5) Structure of Poverty Definition: A typical analysis/synthesis paper asks you first to take apart, make sense of, assess, and then recombine – synthesize– the ideas of two or more works. You will be asked throughout your college career to take the theories of multiple authors and synthesize their ideas in your own writing. That is what this synthesis portion of this assignment is about, taking the similarities and differences of two views/perspectives and fitting them together into an overall perspective or framework. Synthesis is a bit more challenging when working with theories because sometimes the theories are inconsistent with each other even though you might find both compelling. In this instance, you can synthesize in terms of primary and secondary reasons or causes of poverty, for example. Process:
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Analysis-Synthesis on Theories of Poverty.Winter 2011 -...

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