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ECON 303 Argumentative Essay Assignment

ECON 303 Argumentative Essay Assignment - ECON 303...

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ECON 303 Argumentative Essay Assignment Dr. C. Battista Winter 2011 Economic Mobility/Economic Inequality This essay will use the readings and videos assigned for the section on economic inequality and economic mobility. The focus of your essay should be on economic inequality or economic mobility. You cannot write on both and you cannot use one to explain the other; instead, you have to choose. Attempt to explain the reasons for, or the causes of, the increases in economic inequality or decreases in economic mobility. You may, but are not required to, use additional sources that address this topic. All sources should be cited on the reference page in APA format. Introduction: The introduction should introduce the topic of your paper from an informed perspective and present your argumentative thesis/claim. It should be clear and to the point. Avoid long introductions. Avoid dramatic introductions. Write the introduction as if your essay were to be published in a series on economic mobility or economic inequality. Body (development): This is an argumentative essay and therefore you will need to include sufficient and compelling evidence from the readings that can be used to support your argument. The more difficult tasks are to use the evidence effectively and to make sure the “cited” information is carefully integrated into your writing. That is, synthesis is important.
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