IMF – controls currency

IMF – controls currency - IMF controls...

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IMF – controls currency, makes loans for short term projects Most Favored Nation – notion that you can’t favor one nation during trade Promotes free trade Demographics Birth rate Death rate Immigration All affect population Youth bulge Grained – old population Bare branches – low pop Malthus – said that population increases geometrically, while food increases linearly, so food would become scarce o Didn’t take into account tech advances Russia – high mortality – alcoholism Environment Energy Trilemma – environmental, economics, and security Tragedy of the commons – everybody wants to do something but no one wants to take responsibility of it Global South Area between the two tropics Prone to poverty – generally more difficult to live because of different climates o Disease – e.g. malaria o “Prisoners of Geography” – says that geography needs to be taken into account – landlocked countries are more expensive to trade with because of
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IMF – controls currency - IMF controls...

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