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Zach Chen Photosynthesis Essay All plants use the process of photosynthesis to produce the chemical energy needed to sustain growth. There are many different factors that determine the rate at which certain plants photosynthesize, but all of them have to do with the chloroplasts, the organelle that drives photosynthesis. One of these factors is the different wavelength absorbed by the plant. To set up an experiment to test which wavelengths spur photosynthesis more, a small sample of green algae will be used. Different samples of the green algae will be separated into different containers or dishes. Each container will be set up with a different wavelength of light with one control container, which would have regular white light. The different wavelengths of light would be created by using film paper of different colors to filter out the other wavelengths of light isolating a single range of wavelength. An alternative way would be to use special types of lights that emit certain wavelengths.
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