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Unformatted text preview: Solution NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS: 332:411 Electrical Energy Conversion – Fall 2011 Hourly Exam 1– October-12, 2011 This is a closed-book closed-notes exam. Do all your work on these sheets. If more space is required, do your work on the back side of the sheets and indicate accordingly so that the grader does not miss it. Problem Page Maximum Points # Points earned Description 1 1 8 Chapter 1 2 2 8 Chapter 1 3 3 8 Chapter 1 4 4 14 P ower triangle 5 5 20 AC 3 phase 6 6 14 Chapter 2 7 7 8 Chapter 2 8 8 20 Chapter 2 Total maximum points = 100 Total points earned by the student = The angle is actually -30 degrees. However, traditionally all analysis is done using the angle 0 degrees; one can add -30 degrees to all variables obtained from such an analysis. Both the coils are connected in series so that their voltages add up, one of the currents enters the dot side while the other leaves the dot side; this means the mmf of the coils oppose each other. ...
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