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Rutgers University 540:486 Automated Manufacturing Systems College of Engineering Instructor: Prof. T. Özel Dept. of Industrial & System Engineering Fall 2011 Homework #3 due October 24, 2011 Question 1: A part of 10-in. diameter and 20-in. length is to be turned down to 9.4 in. for the entire length. The suggested feed is 0.04 ipr and the speed is 450 fpm. The maximum allowable depth is 0.2 in. What are the feed speed, spindle rpm, MRR, and cutting time? Assume the over-travel is 0.5 in. Question 2: Two pulse dividers are used to control an X-Y table. One BLU equals 0.001 in. The input frequency is 1x 10 4 Hz. The word length is 10bits. In order to move the
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Unformatted text preview: table from (0,0) to (4,5) (both coordinates in inches) at a speed of 8 ipm, what P values should be loaded into the X and Y pulse drivers? How many pulses should be sent to each axis? Question 3: Design an NC system that yields a resolution of 0.0001 in. And a maximum feed speed (linear speed on X-Y axis) of 100 ft/min. Specify the leadscrew pitch, encoder resolution, pulse divider word length, and pulse-divider input frequency. Question 4 : Prepare an NC part program for the part shown in the figure below. The dimensions given in the figure are in millimeters. The tool diameter is 20 mm....
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