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Determining Correct Encoder Resolution If you purchased your encoder installation from JMI, you received documentation on the correct resolution for each axis and, if included in the purchase, the computer was set to the proper values. For any other installations you can use the following information to determine the correct resolution to enter in the computer's Setup mode. The Goal The goal of the following exercise is to get the correct encoder resolution in the MAX computer by matching the degrees shown in the Encoder mode display with the actual degrees of movement of your scope. Calculating for Gears and Pulleys There should be a sticker with a number on the housing of each encoder (e.g. 2160, 4000, 4096, or 8192). If you are using gears or pulleys, simply multiply this number by the ratio of teeth on the telescope shaft to the number on the encoder shaft. teeth on telescope shaft encoder tics X ———————————— teeth on encoder shaft For example, a 4000 tic encoder using a 100-tooth gear on the telescope shaft and a 50-tooth gear on the encoder shaft would yield a total of 8000 tics per revolution (4000 x 100/50).
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