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Take Home Final Test Instructions: This exam should be solved individually, no information sharing with other students is allowed. The test is due Thursday May 5 th at 11:00am. Provide a written report with the mathematical model and a summary of your results. Please specify the decision variables including units (hrs, people, days, euros, etc). Handwritten models are acceptable as long as your writing is clear and in ink. For each question provide any additional constraints to the formulation if needed. Submit your excel file in the designated drop box, no solution will be graded without the corresponding excel file. Use your last name as the file name, for example: “Rosales.xls” and name each worksheet with the question number. Please bring the report to my office 301 N Business complex. Please note that NO late submissions will be accepted. Good luck! Skycell, a major European cell phone manufacturer, is making production plans for the coming year. Skycell has worked with its customers (the service providers) to come up with forecasts of
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