review session prelim2 - 1) Its ALL going to be done on...

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1) Its ALL going to be done on scantron. NO SHORT ANSWER. Because of fall break, he doesn't have TAs to grade the exams. So we won't have to draw a titration curve but well definitely have to identify things on a curve. 2) We voted and we decided that he should give us a sheet of all the structures of the amino acids. He is just going to white out the names but otherwise well have the structures to help us. 3) He made up the test literally by going through the power points. It will be straight from lecture. 4) He said it should be pretty straight forward and easy. He is not out to trick us and doesnt want us pulling out our hair (lol) 5) Look at old tests. How many different questions can he really make up? 6) 58 questions = 100 points *So hope that little bit of info takes some of the pressure off. Below is just other random notes/things we talked about. -KNOW the pKas for all of the titrateable groups. There should be a chart in the textbook. We MUST know them. -KNOW the Henderson Hasselbach equation. We may have to do a simple calculation. May want to bring a calculator. -The most important things to know about Niacin: It is the precursor of NAD and NADH. You should know about its redox capabilities (it accepts or donates a hydride in the form of H-). -KNOW each gene on the lac operon: B-galactoside splits the sugar, permease can let bad things in but transacetylase fixes the problem by making them inactive and removing them . -Understand the coenzymes participate in the chemistry and cofactors just play a structural role. That is as deep as you need to get. -Understand that there is a hierarchy of protein structures (primary, secondary, tertiary). Primary is the only one that is covalent!! And rotation around the bonds are restricted. In protein strucutre, disulfide bonds are just there for support. Beta sheets and alpha helixes form because they are the lowest energy. -Cholesterol NOT stressed on the test because he wasn't there. From that I infer that he
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review session prelim2 - 1) Its ALL going to be done on...

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