Anth Discussion - Anth Discussion 10/13/11 1. Look at the...

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Anth Discussion 10/13/11 1. Look at the way that race, gender and sexuality are co-constituted in the metaphoric language of medicine and science and how this becomes apparent in the case of Henrietta Lacks 2. Look at science as a particular way of telling stories and to look at the language of science and to explore how this language is influenced by historical circumstances a. These circumstances and this language influences the way we look at our world 3. Some of the language being discussed a. Social and cultural meaning when politician referenced his state as “her” b. Played a role about how he views the world c. Natureculture perspective 4. Words personification that doesn’t necessarily describe how we view cells at the scientific level a. Aggression a.i. Has a negative connotation a.ii. Strong word a.iii. Violence a.iv. Power a.v. Defensive Reactive a.vii. Impulsive a.viii. Anger a.ix. Masculine a.x. Gender stereotypes b. Promiscuity b.i. Feminine b.ii. Sexual b.iii. Sexual feminism b.iv. Deviant b.v. Flirtatious Network b.vii. Gender connotations b.vii.1. Female- negative b.vii.2. Male- positive c. Waste d. Production Anth Discussion 10/20/11 Different modes of analysis to how to analyze this material that gets at some of complexities of where binary oppositions don’t make sense or can/can’t be understood
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Anth Discussion - Anth Discussion 10/13/11 1. Look at the...

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