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Darwin readings notes - Darwin's Untimely Burial Dispite...

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Darwin's Untimely Burial Dispite reports to the contrary, the theory of natural selection remains very much alive. by Stephen Jay Gould We are always ready to watch a theory fall under the impact of new data, but we do not expect a great and influential theory to collapse from a logical error in its formulation Yet Bethell cites no data at all in sealing the coffin of natural selection, only an error in Darwin's reasoning: "Darwin made a mistake sufficiently serious to undermine his theory. And that mistake has only recently been recognized as such.…At one point in his argument, Darwin was mislead." o No evidence for Bethell, Darwinian theory is rotten to the core; I find a pearl of great price at the center. Contradicting? o The fittest are not defined by their survival. They are, rather, allowed to survive because they possess desired traits. o We must be able, like the pigeon fancier, to identify the fittest beforehand, not only by their subsequent survival. they did not realize that they had undermined the logical structure of Darwin's central postulate. Nature provides no independent criterion of fitness; thus, natural selection is tautological. ??? **I merely assert that Darwin was justified in analogizing natural selection with animal breeding. o In artificial selection, a breeder's desire represents a "change in environment" for a population. In this new environment, certain traits are superior a priori; (they
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Darwin readings notes - Darwin's Untimely Burial Dispite...

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