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Watch for Differences between the portrayal of characters and their importance in the discovery when compared with Watson’s book How credit is given for discovery, and who gets it The role of Merton’s norms for the diff characters Gender issues National differences and their importance for the story Gender issues- Watson wants his sister to be nice to Maurice Wilkins so he’ll like her and get to know Watson Rosy portrayed as leaving Paris against her wishes “She sees that she’s been taken on to work on x-ray diffraction of DNA and in her eyes that means she’s in charge” Very not responsive/ doesn’t talk much to Maurice Secretive- “just don’t anyone go tell Pauling” once Watson suggests he and Crick start playing with structures Rosy in the movie wears makeup But still portrayed as rude “Raymond, I am not Maurice Wilkins research assistant” Watson “goal oriented” towards females as Crick says “I give her the best DNA, the best apparatus, and in return she tells me nothing, is
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