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test review questions

test review questions - Darwin and Evolution 1809 1882...

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1 Klug, Concepts of Genetics 8/e CHAPTER 1 MEDIA REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. The functional unit of heredity is a HINT: These units of inheritance control the pea plant traits that Mendel studied. a.Nucleus b.Chromosome c.Nucleotide d.Gene 2. True or false? The set of alleles for a given trait carried by an organism is called the organism’s phenotype. HINT: Review the difference between genotype and phenotype. 3. What are the basic subunits of DNA and RNA? HINT: These subunits constitute the genetic code. a.Ribosomes b.Proteins c.Nucleotides d.Amino acids 4. What is the central dogma of biology? HINT: How does information flow in an organism? 5. Why are enzymes crucial to living organisms? HINT: Consider the function of enzymes in a cell. 6. Which term describes the entire collection of DNA contained within an organism? HINT: The study of the DNA contained within an organism has developed into its own discipline in recent years. 7. True or false? The Human Genome Project seeks to determine the sequence of nucleotides in the human genome. HINT: The Human Genome Project is a federally funded international effort.
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2 8. What animal was the first to be cloned using the nucleus of a differentiated adult cell? HINT: The technique used to clone this animal is called nuclear transfer. a.Mouse b.Pig c.Sheep d.Rat 9. All of the following are desirable qualities in a model organism except HINT: Model organisms are used to study basic biological processes. 10. True or false? Mammals are the only good model organisms in which to study human diseases. HINT: Think about the model organisms used in a laboratory. 11. Mendel's work showed HINT: Mendel’s work in pea plants involved the principles of transmission genetics.
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