7 - Anthro9/7 EcologyandSubsistence Materialneeds Food...

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Anthro 9/7 17:03 Ecology and Subsistence Material needs Food Shelter Social needs Gift giving proper dress, etc Subsistence: strategies to meet material needs Hunter/Gatherers Wild plants and animals Forage Move through territory 10-50 people Egalitarian Part of environment  Horticulturalists Gardeners Slash and Burn Wild foods Part of enviroment 50-250 people  Kinship and political structures “Tribal” people today 
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Pastoralists Herding domesticated animals Move regularly Congregate seasonally  Group identity War and raiding  Agriculturalists Farming permanent land holdings Plow, irrigation Socially complex Nation-states  Formalized religion ;[ Industrialism Highly complex Market economies Specialization Depersonalization of human relations  Economic Systems Provision of goods and services to meet biological and social wants Production: material items useful for consumption Allocation of resources Cultural rules of ownership and use
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7 - Anthro9/7 EcologyandSubsistence Materialneeds Food...

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