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Notes - turning point because she had begged them before...

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September 15, 2011 American Studies Lecture Pocahontas and New World Desires Guest speaker Dr. Caroline Wigginton Pocahontas She was born in 1595 or 1596, the exact date is not known Jamestown was founded May 13 1607 She is kidnapped in 1613 by Captain Argall and held for ransom, arriving in Jamestown in April She marries John Rolfe on about April 5 1614 They have a son in 1615 Smiths The Generall Historie of Virginia "and being ready with their clubs, to beate out his braines, Pocahontas the Kings dearest daughter, when no treaty could prevaile, got his head on her arms, and laid her owne upon his to save him from death" This is a big
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Unformatted text preview: turning point because she had begged them before not to do it, but she decides to put herself in harms way for him Why Pocahontas? Feminist and Marxist theory: Patriarchy and the exchange of women (woman are pretty much traded to men for wealth then they come from wealth) Film studies and Psychoanalysis: Scopophilia (the pleasure of looking) Postcolonial theory: Define ourselves in relation to an "other" (anyone who is not in your identity group is considered an "other") Native American studies: United States as "Heirs" of the natives, Pocahontas as Actor Other explanations?...
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  • Spring '11
  • Dr.AllanPunzalanIsaac
  • Native Americans in the United States, John Rolfe, Jamestown Settlement, Pocahontas, Jamestown, Virginia, New World Desires

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