Notes - • to redefine American identities in the military...

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Film: Savage Acts What are Worlds Fair exhibits for? Why would Native Americans, African American women and others want to be dis- played? It was a way for some of them to share their story and display their culture What are the differing positions of African Americans on expansion and Phillippine oc- cupation? Some would have turned and switched sides, while other African American groups of people would fight for America so they could make a stake in American culture Competeing Masculinities Bourgeois manliness restraint controlled virility; chastity altruism subdued masculine urges Primitive manliness savage behavior as a way of life dangerous and uncontrolled virility (rape) Sexuality and Civilization race suicide eurgenics sterilization . . engendering the “right” population white sexuality as “healthy” sexuality white american women as reproductive agents; motherhood as part of the firhgt for civilization Imperialism as Regeneration
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Unformatted text preview: • to redefine American identities in the military encounters at the borders Incorperating difference • expansion outside continental borders • native americans • labor: african americans, asians, and later European immigration by non-Anglo-Saxons Europeans: Southern and Eastern Europeans Why does Roediger offer in Colored White? “whiteness” 1790 Nationalization Act: only free white men could become citizens Were immigrants “white” beofre they came to the US in the late 19th century “Not yet white” delayed citizenship not denial whiteness = fitness for citizenship labor as unmanly and non white gendered ways citizenship was controlled New immigrant consciousness learning racial heiarchy in the US americanization was cultural but also about absorbing idealogy about race 1924 Johnson act restrictive quota for immigration entry : a) 2% of the nationalitys population already in the US as of 1890 b) no alien ineligible for citizenship (Asians)...
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Notes - • to redefine American identities in the military...

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