Focusing on Rehabilitation

Focusing on Rehabilitation - Focusing on Rehabilitation...

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Focusing on Rehabilitation Steven L. Green CJS/240 01/27/2011 Maggie Trahan Simar Today there is too much focus on sending the youth to detention centers for harsh punishment. More times than not the juvenile that are sent to these facilities are first timers so he or she should be given the change of rehabilitation. There are some situations which the youth was following behind their peers because of the pressure and have gotten into trouble not knowing the consequences of their actions. Many situations come about where the juvenile justice system should consider community-based treatment for the juveniles but instead the system would rather just incarcerate the juvenile. It is the intention of this paper to inform one why rehabilitation should be the focus of the juvenile justice system versus incarcerating the youth. The juvenile justice system needs to be more concerned with rehabilitation because it will cut down on the time juveniles spend incarcerated, which would allow for more time addressing the needs and issues that made the youths become delinquents, which has hindered then from becoming productive members of society. The juvenile justice system was first set in place to provide rehabilitation for the youths seeing that there were deeper issues other than him or her just being a bad seed. Juvenile courts were designed to be flexible, informal, and they were also focusing on the rehabilitation of the delinquents. As stated by James (2010) The original concept of juvenile justice was that children should be treated divergent from adults with milder punishment because of their underdeveloped morality and minimal understanding of the laws of the land (Juvenile offenders receive divergent treatment). The juvenile justice system has gotten away from what actually needs to be done, which is to help the youths to understand the reasons he or she may indulge in delinquent activity or becoming delinquents. The juvenile justice system was originally set in place to reform the youth by helping them see what is causing their delinquent behavior. Through the years society has lose patient with the youth and have decided that to punish them for his or her deviant behavior by incarcerating him or her and throwing away the key. This is going against what the system was set in place to do. As stated by Broemmel (2010) The primary function of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation of the juvenile offender. Community-based rehabilitation services are to be accessed if available and if the juvenile does not pose a threat to the community. These types of services are to be utilized as opposed to those available through a juvenile detention center pursuant to the least restrictive alternative principle (Rehabilitation Function). Society wonders why the youth comes out of these detention centers worst off then what
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Focusing on Rehabilitation - Focusing on Rehabilitation...

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