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homework assignment chapter 2 - Jennifer Jacob Phys-180...

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Jennifer Jacob Phys-180 osol2 September 22, 2011 Chapter 2 homework 1. A constellation is a region of the sky with well defined borders. Constellations were named by the International Astronomical Union in 1928. 2. A model of the celestial sphere would include the north and south celestial pole, the celestial equator, the ecliptic, and stars and constellations. 3. The appearance is not accurate because we lack depth perception when we look into space. 4. The local sky looks like a dome because we only see half of the celestial sphere at any point because the ground blocks the other half. The horizon is the boundary between earth and sky. The zenith is the point directly overhead. The meridian is an imaginary half circle stretching from the horizon due south, through the zenith, to the horizon due north. We can tell the position of something in the sky by stating its direction along the horizon and altitude above the horizon. 5. We can only measure angular sizes and angular distances because our depth perception on the celestial sphere makes it difficult to judge true sizes. An arcminute is a subdivision of a degree in
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homework assignment chapter 2 - Jennifer Jacob Phys-180...

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