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Jennifer Jacob October 1, 2011 Biol 131 OSOL 2 Young No Citations??? 95/100 Blood Typing Lab Introduction: The purpose of the blood typing lab is to assist in the understanding of the different blood types and to help determine the blood type of different blood specimens. This lab exercise gives a better understanding of agglutination as well as the ABO blood typing. The procedures of this lab will determine the ABO and Rh factor of four unknown simulated blood samples. Materials/Procedures: Materials used during this lab exercise include four blood typing slides, eight toothpicks, four unknown simulated blood samples, and anti- A, anti-B, and anti-Rh, simulated typing serum. Four slides were used and three drops of each “person’s” blood was put into A, B, and Rh wells of the slides. Then three drops of the anti-A serum was placed into each A well, three drops of anti-B serum was placed into each B well, and three drops of the anti-Rh serum was placed into each Rh well of each slide. The toothpicks were used to stir each sample of blood and serum. Observations were then recorded.
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J_Jacob+blood+typing+lab+report feedback - Jennifer Jacob...

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