Physical and Chemical Properties Lab

Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - Physical and...

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Physical and Chemical Properties Jennifer Jacob October 16, 2011 5:00 pm Introduction to Chemistry Chemistry 180 Professor C. Spencer Chemistry 180
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Abstract: The chemical and physical properties lab serves to demonstrate how to identify both chemical and physical characteristics of an array of substances, as well as the effects, or lack thereof, of chemical reactions on observable chemical and physical properties. In this lab, seven different chemicals were subjected to a battery of both chemical and physical tests in order to observe not only any chemical or physical reactions but also the possible changes in chemical and physical make up of the substances themselves. Both physical and chemical changes were seen throughout this lab, though some chemicals only showed physical changes, like the NaCl, whereas other substances showed both chemical and physical changes. These experiments helped to solidify an understanding of the difference between chemical and physical changes and how to recognize and identify each. Experiment and Observation(s): Experiment: I. Perform the following steps on each of the seven substances to be tested. Complete all tests of one substance and record your observations before proceeding to the next substance. a. Place 4 small test tubes into wells of the 24-well plate. b. Place small amounts of the substance to be tested in each of four micro test tubes. II. First test tube: a. Examine and record color and odor. b. Light the burner fuel wick. Grasp the test tube with the holder and heat the sample by slowly moving it just above the flame. Observe and record the effect of heat on the substance. Note the evolution of any gases. c. Allow the test tube to cool before storing or the well plate plastic may melt. III. Second test tube:
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Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - Physical and...

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