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week 7 lab report Jenniferjacob

week 7 lab report Jenniferjacob - Section dl-1 Name...

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Section dl-1 Name Jennifer Jacob Date 3/14/2010 Instructor Marcia Bradley Exercise 5 TISSUES Review Questions 1. Review Box 5.1 in Activity 1, Making the Link Between Cells, Tissues, and Organs. For each organ you selected, do the two tissues you listed perform similar or different functions for that organ? Explain, using at least two examples. The answer would be, Different because each tissue has a different function. Some connective tissues such as collagen, anchor vessels to surrounding tissues and helps protect them from injury. Another connective tissue, ligaments bind bones to each other. Each tissue functions differently in the human body. 2. Match the tissue type to its basic description. _c_Simple squamous epithelium a. single layer of cube-shaped to spherical cells _a_Simple cuboidal epithelium b. several layers of flat cells _b_Stratified squamous epithelium c. single layer of flat cells __e_Areolar connective tissue d. branched cells with intercalated discs _d__Cardiac muscle e. loose, irregular array of protein fibers
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