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Jennifer Jacob English 240 Week four assignment October 3, 2010 In both stories, it seems both women have lost their husbands and dealt with losing their fortunes, or coming close to losing their fortunes. These women had to keep up with their households without help of the men in their families. In “Letter to My Sons”, the mother had to stay strong for her children. Many women today have to deal with this same struggle. There are many single mothers today who must stay strong to provide for their children and to keep them with a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their back. This is not an easy task for all people. Some families have trouble when both mother and father are present, let alone if one has passed away or are absent. In “Lament for a Needle”, the woman also must carry on her household without the help of her husband, being that he has passed. This woman also states in her writing, “Moreover, our
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Unformatted text preview: fortunes began to fail, so I devoted myself to sewing, and you helped me forget my sorrow and manage my household.” She speaks here of her needle helping her get out of a depression to take care of her home after some type of loss of money. This woman did not have children therefore the loss of her husband only affected her and not children as well. Many people today also lose their spouse and look to other means of occupying their time and minds. Both women in the stories were strong enough to continue and keep everything in their households steady with the absence of their husbands. These were independent women who, as it seems, did not need to re-marry or have a man to continue with their lives. Today, women are just as strong to be able to a steady home without a man involved....
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