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Jennifer Jacob Unit three Final Draft March 23, 2010 Gender roles in media are traditional and stereotypical in many different ways. Men are stereotyped as masculine dominant characters, associated with traits such as heroic, strong, efficient, and competitive. Women are stereotyped as feminine, associated with traits such as emotional, compliant, sensitive, and domesticated. Women mostly play the care taker role, where the men play the bread winner role. There are some roles in media where women play the heroic role, such as Cat Woman or Elektra . Women who are rebellious, independent, and sexual are portrayed as the “bad” girls. These stereotypes exist because of the ideals our society had many years ago. They come from a time period when women stayed home, cooked, cleaned, and raised children while the man of the house worked and provided for his family. In previous years, these stereotypes may have been accurate but with time and technology our society has changed and become more acceptable to ideals which were one day frowned upon. How does media depict homosexuals in their roles? The method media uses to depict homosexuals alters viewer’s perception of gays and lesbians. The world tends to stereotype homosexuals in a sense that makes heterosexuals feel confused or even disgusted by sexual interactions amongst homosexuals. There are many reasons why people feel this way, whether it be religious preference, sexual preference, or social status. There is nothing wrong with two people of the same sex being attracted to each other or even having relationships with each other. People feel homosexuality is wrong because of the picture our society has painted for us.
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People that follow religion, especially Christianity and Catholicism, feel that homosexuality is a sin. Many bibles state that sex should be between a man and woman within marriage with the purpose to procreate. “In the early tradition of the Jewish people, there were multiple wives and not all of them equal. Remember the story of Abraham’s wives, Sarah and
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gays and media - Jennifer Jacob Unit three Final Draft...

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