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Jennifer Jacob English 240 December 19, 2010 Final Paper Classical literature has paved the way for the demonization of women throughout history. Women are depicted as evil beings with deceitful, sinful, and salacious characteristics. Authors from different time periods and cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to, Hesiod, Ismat Chughtai, and Katherine Mansfield, all portray women in negative ways. The authors use their literary works to show the devilish actions of their main characters in their stories. Even from the beginning of time women have been portrayed as the root of all evil. From the “Bible”, which is a creation story comparable to Hesiod’s “Theogony”, Eve, the first woman, was the reason behind original sin. She disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree of good and evil. This sinful act caused humanity to live with sin and death for all. “Theogony,” was written in Greece around eight hundred B.C.E. b y Hesiod, a well known Greek poet.” Theogony” is the creation story of the gods. The main female character of this well known story is Earth. Earth “thought of an evil and cunning stratagem” (3) to demolish the father of her children, Sky. She used her son, Chronus, to help her destroy Sky while he was “desiring to make love” (3). This act portrays the original female character as deceitful and evil. Earth had good reasoning behind her evil plan to destroy Sky but she can still be looked upon as a malicious character. Later in “Theogony”, Earth used her deceitful characteristics again when she helped Rhea trick Chronus to believe a stone was the son he swallowed. He was then
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eng 240 final paper - Jacob Jennifer Jacob English 240...

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