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week 8 assignment

week 8 assignment - claims that women are not equal to men...

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Jacob 1 Jennifer Jacob English-240 Prof. Siracusa October 30, 2010 Literary theories are useful for writers and readers in literary works. Literary theories give s specific focus for the subject. In this essay I will focus on the feminism theory and the environmental studies theory in previous readings assigned this semester. The feminism theory focuses on women’s roles in society and advocates change. The environmental studies theory focuses on the symbiotic relations of man and nature. In Castiglione’s “Book of the Courtier” the feminism theory is in full effect. This book of etiquette describes the ideal lady. It involves details which change women to the liking of men. This literary work also makes women equal to men since women were considered below men in this time period. Lord Gasper tarnishes women’s over all reputation by claiming this ideal woman would never exist. He claims women would not be able to do the work of men. He also
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Unformatted text preview: claims that women are not equal to men, as many men of this time period would agree. “Hesiod, The Theogony” was from the neoclassicism period. This literary work of art indirectly uses the environmental theory. In many Greek mythologies, the characters are related to the natural world, as did Night and Day in this story. This story was very similar to the biblical story of how everything was created, which ties man to nature. Another literary work which uses the environmental theory is “Beautiful Rich Goes to seek the Locust” from the Ibonia people of Madagascar. In this story, Beautiful Rich needs to work with the elements of nature to help her get her child bearing charm. Even though this woman knows her child will be troublesome, she still goes through tough dilemmas to be able to bear a child for her husband. She defeats the curves nature throws at her to carry on their family name....
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week 8 assignment - claims that women are not equal to men...

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