Gang member gets life for killing cellmate

Gang member gets life for killing cellmate - Gang member...

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Gang member gets life for killing cellmate Home News Tribune - East Brunswick, N.J. Date: Feb 27, 2007 Start Page: n/a Section: NEWS Text Word Count: 411 A member of the Bloods street gang was sentenced to life in prison today for the beating death of his cellmate at East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge a few months before the killer was due to be freed. Rayshon Gaddis was sentenced to a minimum term of 75 years by Judge Dennis Nieves in Superior Court, New Brunswick, effectively putting the 31-year-old Trenton man behind bars for life. Gaddis fatally beat Brad Debiasi, a member of a rival street gang, the Crips, on July 18, 2004. Gaddis, serving a four-year sentence for aggravated assault and drug offenses, was due to get out in October 2004. The trial in December was marked by Gaddis' unruly and at times hostile behavior in and outside the courtroom. He was banned from the courtroom when the verdict was being read by the jury foreman in December after biting a guard in the arm in the courthouse sally port. He watched over a closed-circuit television. Today, he said nothing when Nieves gave him the chance to speak before being sentenced, said Manuel Sameiro, assistant Middlesex County prosecutor. Sameiro told the jury in December that Gaddis beat Debiasi, formerly of Beachwood, to death in the cell they shared after learning that the victim was a member of the Crips. A short time before the fatal beating, Gaddis inducted Debiasi into the Bloods with an initiation beating. An inmate called to the witness stand by Sameiro testified that Gaddis told him he was not aware that Debiasi was a member of the Crips when he inducted him into the gang and killed him to save face. Debiasi, who held up a gas station in Dover Township with a pellet gun in 2000, was serving a 15-year sentence for robbery, drug dealing and burglary. During opening statements, Michele Labrada, Gaddis' attorney, argued that Debiasi died of injuries he suffered after he experienced a seizure triggered by an impulse control disorder and fell from his upper bunk bed not once but twice. She said Gaddis administered CPR in an attempt to revive his cell mate. But during a closing statement, she made no mention of the falls from the upper bunk and asked the jury to consider convicting Gaddis of manslaughter instead of murder. Labrada said because of his psychological disorder, Debiasi was antagonistic and picked a fight with her client. She indicated to the jury that maybe Gaddis should have stopped the fight with his cell mate sooner. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission. Psychological disorder blamed for cellmate's death Home News Tribune - East Brunswick, N.J. Author:
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Gang member gets life for killing cellmate - Gang member...

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