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Phys180 lab report 1.1 - with my thumb extended This...

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Jennifer Jacob Phys-180 OSOL2 September 13, 2011 Lab Report 1.1 The purpose of this lab was to teach me how to measure positions of objects in the sky with my hands. This lab will help me with future experiments and measuring. It will also help when needing to describe locations of objects in the sky. The only materials I needed for this experiment were my hands and the sun. Fortunately for me, it was a sunny day today. I found the horizon, which is the line along which the sky and land meet. There were trees blocking the horizon but I did manage to work with it. With my arm fully stretched out, to avoid a change in visual size, I measured how many fist position it was from the horizon to the overhead. My first answer was more than six so I had to adjust to a new position. I learned that my BH or big hand would have to be an upward fist
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Unformatted text preview: with my thumb extended. This position is similar to thumbs up sign. My LH, little hand was difficult to find. The position which worked for me was an upward fist with only the bottom half of my thumb extended. These were my instruments for my measurements. While taking my measurements, I recorded that the sun’s angular height above the horizon was 5 BH which is 75 degrees. The sun’s angular height above the horizon was 7LH which is 70 degrees. I also measured that 25 BH fit in a full circle which I originally calculated to be 24 BH. I determined that a hand shape which equaled 5 degrees would be a straight ahead fist considering the size of my fist. This experiment helped me learn and understand positions and measurements of objects in the sky. Also, I will be able to explain where an object is in the sky when necessary....
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