Tint Chapter 1 - A/N Yo this chapter kicked my butt I...

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A/N: Yo, this chapter kicked my butt. I must’ve had to rewrite it a thousand times before I just scrapped it and rewrote it from a whole other angle. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it though :D It’s much longer than the previous chap so yay for that! Thank you GrimsonAshes, you’re my first reviewer and the first one to add Tint to their alert list :) I’m glad people are interested in what I have to write. Thanks GurrenLagann for adding this story to your alert list as well. I appreciate it ever so much :) In this fic, Radiant Garden doesn’t look the way it does in the games. I made it resemble a much cleaner and more open version of New York City, more like a city called Cape May near where I live, just with more buildings and homes. It’s quite big too. The castle is still there though, and the pretty little color scheme that Square Enix made up for it still applies. Hollow Bastion is like the slums or projects of Radiant Garden, but is pretty massive in size. Twilight Town looks about the same though. Quick note; Roxas’s family isn’t related or based off Mayor Julianni. I’m pretty sure that’s not even how you spell his last name. I just thought the names sounded good together since I’m tired of reading Roxas Strife everywhere. And Sinclair belongs to Axel and Reno, since it is Reno’s canon last name. I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. Please, enjoy~ Second A/N: Screw this chapter. My laptop has it out for me. I’ve lost this document at least seven times and now it won’t even open. I had to rewrite everything out, and now it sounds different from how it originally was. Also, I’m just beat from none stop work, so I’m cutting this chapter in half. Chapter Two will out by Monday or Tuesday. Disclaimer: Please see the first chapter. It stands throughout the entire story. There’s no way ever I’ll own any of this XD Chapter 1 “Sucks, don’t it?“ Radiant Garden wasn’t what Roxas had expected. Not at all. While his mother ushered him along the busy streets, his head turned in every direction, gawking at each part of the city he could see. There was nothing like this in Twilight Town! Fountains practically burst from beneath his feet, and if he wasn’t careful, he’d walk straight into one of the many merchant shops that lined the roads and alleys. Flower beds littered the sidewalks, their delicate aromas wafting through the air like sweet dreams and it took a lot of will power not to stoop down and pluck them right out of the gardens. There were massive buildings all around him, painted in the most serene of colors, nothing like the dull grays and browns in other cities he’d been to. Of course they soared right over his head and only seemed to stop when they touched through the clouds. Business men jabbered away on their Bluetooth’s and Blackberry’s, hardly paying any mind to the faded boy walking past them. “Roxas don’t let go of my hand.” His mother warned, squeezing his fingers gently. If there had
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Tint Chapter 1 - A/N Yo this chapter kicked my butt I...

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