November 25 Lecture - November 25, 2008 Correction:...

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Unformatted text preview: November 25, 2008 Correction: Aphasia: loss of hearing due to damage Diencephalon and Midbrain- Areas that have become covered over by the cerebral hemisphere o Longitudinal section will reveal the structures- Diencephalon is superior to the midbrain Diencephalon- Midline of coronal section of the diencephalon is the third ventricle, referred to as the midbrain cavity- Thalamus makes up the upper portion of the walls of the third ventricle (superior lateral walls of third ventricle) o Very important relay station between the spinal and the cortex o All sensory or incoming impulses coming from the spinal cord and other parts of the brain are channelled through the spinal cord before reaching the cerebral cortex o All motor impulses being sent out through the cortical tissue are also channelled out through this region as well o Involved in perception, can be called the seat of perception o Is also involved in emotional responses to the perception Some stimuli are enjoyable and pleasant while others are unpleasant, it is the function of the thalamus to interpret the appropriate perception for the stimuli that are being channelled o Destruction of the thalamus will cause exaggerated emotional responses- Hypothalamus makes up the lower portion of the walls of the third ventricle o Located immediately below the thalamus (hence hypo thalamus) o About the size of a small prune o Forms the floor of the third ventricle o Centre because it contains mass of nuclei that project fibres to may parts of the brain as well as to the spinal cord o Engaged in many larger generalized functions of the body Appetite o Ventromedial nuclei and ventrolateral nuclei are involved in process of feeding and eating activities When ventrolateral nuclei is stimulated, continuous feeding will occur If removed, will never experience lack of appetite When ventromedial nuclei is stimulated feeding will be inhibited o Two nuclei have been implicated with obesity and anorexia, which involve an imbalance between the two nuclei o Strongly influences sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems o Acts as a thermostat for the body Hypothalamus will become active once body temperature drops past 37 o C, which will signal the adrenal gland and thyroid gland to release substance that will increase metabolic activities to increase body temperature If body temperature is too high, hypothalamus will activate sweat glands and initiate vasodilatation in an effort to return body temperature back toward a preset level o Hypothalamus is also involved in libido and sexual desire If certain regions of hypothalamus is damaged, sex drive will be lost or minimize o Responsible for hormone production o...
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November 25 Lecture - November 25, 2008 Correction:...

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