September 9 Lecture - September 9, 2008 Introduction to...

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September 9, 2008 Introduction to Anatomy - Anatomy: a greek work, ana (apart), tomy (to cut) - A descriptive science - Latin is the international language of anatomists - Terms can be descriptive o Examples: biceps (2 head) brachi (arm) Foramen magnum (large hole at base of skill where spinal cord exits) Myoblast (juvenile muscle cell, not yet differentiated) Blast – embryonic/juvenile Mannicure Mannus (hand) cure (treatment) Pedicure Pedal (foot) Anatomical References - Based on anatomical position: standing erect, facing forward, arms at side with palms facing forward - Mid-saggital plane (runs through midline of body separating left and right) o Parasaggital plane (unequal division) - Transverse plane (runs through hips, divides top and bottom, can be anywhere) - Coronal (frontal) plane: (runs through shoulders vertically) - Cranial or Superior: referring to upper of the body - Caudal or inferior: referring to the lower region of the body Suture: a fusion of bone - Ventral (anterior): front of body - Dorsal (posterior): back of body - Proximal: closer to - Distal: further from - Medial: mid-line of body (near) - Lateral: away from midline of body Cavities of the Body
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- Crainospinal cavity - Thoracic Cavity - Abdominal Cavity (separated from Thoracic cavity by respiratory diaphragm) - Abdominopelvic Cavity (lower part of abdominal cavity) Levels of Structural Complexity
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September 9 Lecture - September 9, 2008 Introduction to...

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