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September 18 Lecture - 4 Primary Tissues Epithelium Two...

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September 18, 2008 4 Primary Tissues Epithelium Two Basic Types: 1. Membranous epithelium: cells are arranged in sheets lining bodily surfaces Shapes: Squamous Epithelium (Flat) Cuboidal Epithelium (equal in height and width) Columnar Epithelium (length is greater than its width and depth) Arrangements: Simple : found when layer needs to absorb material. Single layer of cells. Stratified : multiple layers of cells, bottom layer is attached to basement membrane Pseudostratified : falsely layered, nuclei alternate clearly Transitional : flexible, rarely seen in body (only 2 places). (Ex. Urinary bladder, pressure in bladder cause cells to be displaced to sides – increasing length of tissue, allowing bladder expansion) Ciliated columnar : cilia extend into lumen of organ/structure in which they are found. Ciliated columnar can be found in the respiratory tract. Ciliated epithelium are also found in kidney tubules which increases surface area where reabsorption can take place. Ciliated cells normally are columnar. 2. Glandular epithelium: clusters of cells Membranous Epithelium Locations - Simple squamous epithelium can be found in: o Bowmen’s capsule of kidney o Ducts of secretory glands o Lining of Uterus o Fallopian tubes o Sperm Ducts o Intrapulmonary Bronchi - Stratified Squamous Epithelium can be found in: o Skin (protects body against abrasion and dehydration)
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o Esophagus (kept moist) o Lining of Vagina (kept moist) o Skin are cornified and skin - Certain types of epithelium produce secretions, which are emitted through a duct system (ex. sweat to surface)
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September 18 Lecture - 4 Primary Tissues Epithelium Two...

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