September 23 Lecture

September 23 Lecture - September 23, 2008 Connective Tissue...

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September 23, 2008 Connective Tissue - Variety of types but all have commonalities o A cellular component o Fibres (different types: collagen, elastic) o Matrix (background material): intercellular and interfiber spaces Can be solid, semi-solid (gel-like), liquid The state of the matrix determines it’s functions - Can be generalized or specialized o General (found in various types of the body, relatively non specialized) 1. Loose Connective Tissue: more ground substance, fewer cells a. Areolar Connective Tissue Least level of specialization, found throughout body Many small spaces in matrix Example: attaches skin to underlying tissue b. Adipose Connective Tissue Cells that store fat Used to provide insulation, store energy Similar in structure to areolar connective tissue c. Reticular Connective Tissue Heavy concentration of reticular fibres Forms framework of organs (liver, spleen) as well as lymph nodes Many similar compounds to areolar 2. Dense Connective Tissue: less ground substance, more cells a. Dense regular connective tissue Large amounts of collagenous fibres that are regularly arranged into parallel bundles Found in Tendons (strength) and ligaments (bone to bone connections) b. Dense Irregular Connective Tissue Fibres are not arranged in parallel, arranged in a random fashion Forms tough, resilient network Found in renal capsule o Specialized Connective Tissue: characterized by the nature of the matrix 1. Blood: matrix is liquid, allows for flow of the circulatory system
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September 23 Lecture - September 23, 2008 Connective Tissue...

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