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Quiz3_sample2 - Fall Semester BILKENT UNIVERSITY Department...

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12-07-2009 Fall Semester BILKENT UNIVERSITY Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE212 Microprocessors QUIZ-3 open book, closed notes, calculators allowed Duration: 30 minutes Surname:_______________________________________ Name:_________________________________________ ID-Number:_____________________________________ Signature:_______________________________________ Q1 (40 points) Q2 (60 points) TOTAL
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Q1 (40 pts) Write the code initializing the necessary SFRs to perform serial communication using 8051 with a) a baud rate of 4800 for XTAL=3.6864 MHz. b) a baud rate of 11520 for XTAL=11.0592 MHz. In part b, SMOD bit should be set to 1 . In order to get partial credits, show your calculations clearly. a) baud rate=3.6864/12/32/X where X=256-TH1. X=9600/4800=2 ->TH1=-2=0FEH Code: MOV IE,#90H MOV SCON,#50H MOV TMOD,#20H MOV TH1,# -2; (0FEH) SETB TR1 b) SMOD flag=1 baud rate=11.0592x10 6 /12/16/X where X=256-TH1. X can be found to be 5 ->TH1=-5=0FBH Code: MOV IE,#90H MOV SCON,#50H MOV TMOD,#20H ORL PCON,#80H ;set the SMOD flag MOV TH1,# -5; (0FBH) SETB TR1
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Q2 (60 pts) Write a program that reads Port0 and transmits the read data to Port1 when either
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