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CS 351 DATA ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Homework 1 Date Given : October 19, 2011 Date Due : October 31, 2011 Important Notes: 1. Please submit the Homework to Room EA 511 on the due date by 5:00 pm –on the same day you can also give it to me in the classroom- (no late submission will be accepted). 2. Answer the question in the order they are given using a standard size paper. 3. Handwritten submissions are accepted; however a word document is preferred and appreciated . 4. Staple all papers and write your name on them. 5. I plan to assign the next homework before the due date of this assignment. Q1 . Secondary storage medium related: a . Find the technical specification (seek time, rotational latency time, disk capacity, track capacity, disk capacity) of a current hard disk drive designed for desktops. b . Explain if it supports the concept of cylinder. c . Compare it with a typical solid state disk in terms of speed and storage capacity. d . If you compare the characteristics of the hard disk you present in item
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